FEEDING FOLKESTONE is a network of solidarity for community food growers, small scale food producers and food activists in Folkestone and Hythe. We believe in working together to transform our local food systems through grass-roots collective action.

Our first community event, in partnership with Feedback Global and the Gleaning Network, took place on 20th November 2021

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We are collecting recipes from the Folkestone community

Have a look at the recipes we have collected so far

Feeding Folkestone is an initiative led by Custom Food Lab (The Locavore Growing Project) and Kent Food Hubs Folkestone, in collaboration with local schools, food growers/producers, care homes, businesses and community organisations.

Rubi’s Moqueca Capixaba (Brazilian Fish Stew)
Cookery Club Lemon Roasted Potatoes
Jacqui’s Corned Beef Hash

Why is this needed?

Despite large organisational initiatives to challenge issues such as obesity, poor nutrition and lack of food education and Food Banks for those who can’t access food, child poverty in Folkestone has risen again for the 5th year running to over 30%. But we know that our community holds the power and knowledge to heal and ultimately feed itself.

What will it achieve?

The cook book is just the start of the conversation, it is an opportunity for all of us to think together about what kind of food future we want for Folkestone and the local area. It is the first step in sharing the amazing resources that are already here in this corner of the Garden of England.

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